James Acres

Technical Lead, NatWest Rooster Money

At work I'm a hands on tech lead at NatWest Rooster Money, giving children a head start with financial education. I'm a backend specialist building card, subscription and payment systems with Node.js and Typescript. In previous roles I have worked full stack with Node, AngularJS, PHP, Perl and native Objective C iOS and Java Android applications.

Outside of work I am writing this blog and have side projects using React with serverside rendering using Next.js, and NestJS for backend APIs.

I enjoy and excel at designing and developing secure, usable and creative web + mobile applications and the APIs which power them.

I am experienced at transforming complex big picture visions into achievable, incremental development roadmaps.

I have lead several integrations with third parties and can communicate systems in a way which is understood by non-technical clients.

I have mentored both graduates and senior developers, conducted one-to-one catch-ups and code reviews.