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An update to kick off 2024

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    James Acres
Myself, Stephen and Oscar the dog enjoying the Bristol Harbourside
Myself, Stephen and Oscar the dog enjoying the Bristol Harbourside

Hi 👋 once again it's been a while, so here's an update to kick off 2024!

Personal Project Update

Firstly, I've refreshed this blog, moving from Ghost to React with Next.js ✨ using an excellent open source markdown blog starter. It's also now hosted on Vercel instead of a Linode VPS.

Over Christmas I decided to give the frontend some love by completing an excellent React course. With all this new knowledge I now plan on launching some new side projects soon - watch this space!

Last year I also completed a course on Generative AI with Large Language Models mainly to get a basic understanding of how these models work and can be trained, unsure if I'll do more in this space, but it's a start.

Work Update

At work I've been specialising in backend Node.js and TypeScript for the past 5 years and I'm now a hands on Tech Lead (see my about page).

I'm balancing code and technical design with management of people and processes. Taking a step into people leader and the management track is a recent change for me and I hope to share some learnings in a separate post.

Recent project highlights 🪄: In parent squad we migrated recurring subscriptions into a new in house subscriptions platform which integrates a monthly offer for NatWest Group customers, and in child squad we've rolled out a range of debit card designs to choose from.

Life update

We're enjoying living in Bristol! In addition to exploring here and Somerset, we've had trips to the New Forest, Cotswolds, Peak District, Malvern Hills, Sugar Loaf in Abergavenny, Whitby.

Doggy update 🐾: Oscar's getting us up extra early in the winter with sunrise dog walks before work. We're also working on training Oscar for Separation Anxiety as he's still unable to stay on his own, he loves a pub trip so most likely doesn't want to miss out.

Oscar the Cocker Spaniel
Oscar the Cocker Spaniel

We've continued making improvements to the house, here's a picture to end this post - our recently redecorated lounge and dining room.

Our redecorated lounge and dining room
Our redecorated lounge and dining room

I aim to post more often about learnings and projects, so hopefully more to share soon 🤞

Jacres ❤️